The advantages of Laser welding

With our high-power, robust laser welding machines, you have at your disposal a machine that makes complicated joints possible, that would otherwise, with classical joining techniques, be difficult if not impossible to realize. Even in the immediate vicinity of sensitive materials such as plastic or glass, weldings are made possible. The excellent controllabilty of laser energy and the exposure time to the material allows for welding of metallic materials with high melting points and of high conductivity. Even different metal types can be joined.


Repair welding on plastic mould


Laser welding: manifold  >  time-saving   >   economical


     exact processing, even on the finest structures, with pin-point

      accuracy and precise energy-input


      The exact geometry of the workpiece remains the same,

      within the material tolerances. Only extremely slight distortions

      may take place on the workpiece, which can be disregarded.

      Only very minimal changes of the microstructure take place,

      due to the limited heat-affected zone.


      Welding results without burning grooves. The quality of the

      adjacent areas of the material remains unaffected.


      Process safety and a high degree of reproducibility of laser weldings.


      The welding seams are free of shrinkage cavities and binding flaws,

      so that a high quality result is achieved.

      Pre-warming is almost never necessary, even in the case of

       workpieces which are prone to tears.


      The welding material properties can be specifically influenced. The

      choice of laser parameters and of welding additives affect the

      mechanical properties of the welding material, such as hardness,

      tensile strength or elongation.



Different Laser applications



      Lasers  can be used in various areas of manufacture and repair.      Major areas of application are:


    Precision engineering

   Welding precision metal parts


   Die and mould-making

   Repairing surface defects and voids in everything from small moulds

     to massive dies

     Medical technology

     Welding surgical instruments, passive and active implants, and            

   endoscopic components


     Sensor technology

     Welding of thermal elements, measuring sensors and pressure membranes


     Sheet metal work

     Welding enclosures for electronic equipment, stainless steel parts for 

   domestic appliances, architectural components and sculptures



Deposit welding on large surfaces



Weldable materials

   >  High alloy cold- and hot-working steels

    Bronzes and copper alloys

   >  Stainless steels

    Steel and grey cast-iron alloys

   >  High-tensile aluminium alloys

   >  Titanium alloys

   >  Nickel

   >  Precious metals, e.g. platinum, gold and silver


The possible applications of Laser welding are very various. That's why we offer our customers complete solutions, for specific demands,

from one source.

   >  specific welding filler metals

   >  Laser welding systems

   >  metallurgy

   >  welding trainings

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